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Hey there! I enjoy nature, photography, puns, science, history, pugs and Iceland.

This blog is merely a loose collection of the aforementioned things.

1. I want to melt into your blood and live in your veins. I think if you cut them open, stars would spill out.

2. I think your laugh is the only thing keeping me alive.

3. Your voice gets stuck in my head. It plays on a constant loop in my mind. I smile every time you open your mouth.

4. I want to wrap myself around you until neither of us can breathe.

5. I think that when you were little you would stare at the sun and it’s light burned into your eyes because they’re so fucking bright I feel my skin get hot when you look at me.

6. If someone asked me to define poetry I would show them a picture of you.

7. I want to run away with you. Let’s get on a train and leave. There’s nothing left here. You’re all I need.

8. There are flowers growing up your arms and stars in your fingertips. The sky is in your teeth and the ocean is in your ribcage. You think you’re nothing but you’ve got the entire world inside you.

9. I have this reoccurring nightmare where I’m falling and falling and I wake up screaming. I hate it but god I wouldn’t mind falling into you.

10. You taste like the galaxy.

11. Sometimes my heart hurts so much that I tear myself apart trying to rip it out of my chest. You are the only one who knows how to put me back together when it’s all over.

12. I miss you even when you’re here.

13. I see you in everything, everywhere I go. I can’t get away from you. I love it.

14. You’re like a drug. Your smile gets me dizzy. I black out when you touch me. I’m so addicted to you.

15. You know which lines of my favorite book make me cry and that I talk in my sleep. You know that I bite my lip when I’m nervous and laugh a lot when I’m scared. You know about the scars on my right hip and the cigarettes hidden in the back of my closet. You know how many freckles I have on my cheeks and how many packets of sugar I pour into my coffee. I hope you know how much I love you.

- 15 things I said when I called you drunk last night  (via extrasad)

(via beebunny)